How much prior coding experience is required to become a professional software developer?

Contrary to a popular belief that students learn industry experience and become job ready in colleges, most of the curriculum followed by the colleges is archaic and completely out of touch with the industry.

Students usually try to learn new technologies on their own from the internet and other sources such as youtube, and other coding sites. But they are not able to find out where to focus their efforts and how to design a step by step path for themselves to acquire complete project execution skills.

Most of what is required in programming comprise of is following a specific set of instructions to execute systematic tasks and often requires a basic understanding of language and mathematics.

It is only after a fairly advanced and core level when we are required to solve problems that require a knowledge of rigorous mathematical concepts above 10th grade.

Although it helps to have prior coding experience, what matters more is your ability to make mistakes and learn from them. Most of the students are not able to get guidance and feedback on their unique doubts and mistakes, hence they quit because of the lack of a learning environment which escalates them to progress.

What matters more than prior experience is the determination and discipline to transform from a noob to ninja. if you are true to yourself and willing to put the required effort, We can guarantee a dream career.

When it comes to Konfinity it helps you start your career as a professional software developer from scratch and will let you learn to code by providing you with projects on trending technologies such as Node.js which ultimately helps you build your portfolio as a high profile software developer. What counts more is your diligence, hard work, and ability to learn.

We provide you with the team and individual projects depending on your performance and your dedication which will help you get a placement in giant tech groups.

Ending with a quote from Linus Torvalds (Founder, Linux)

“Talk is Cheap, Show me the code”

Konfinity is an AI platform which trains students to become professional software developer at no upfront cost.

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