Who is a Full Stack Developer and why tech companies are desperate to hire them?

A good full stack developer is like one of those celebrities who can do it all. They are capable of developing full-fledged applications (Web, mobile, or desktop). They understand both the front-end and back-end and know their way around servers, databases, APIs, MVC, and hosting environments among others.

A good full stack developer is always in demand. There are over 100,000 open positions available on Indeed alone. However, they may not be the best option in all cases.

Why companies hire a full stack developer

The demand for a Full Stack engineer is often driven by the requirements of the role. Hiring a full stack developer is a good idea in the following instances:

1. When you need an MVP

When your operation is lean and the company’s aim is to validate ideas by building a minimum viable product, then Full Stack developers are your best bet. If there is an ideal role for a full stack developer, it would be to take an idea or feature and turn into a fully-functional prototype.

2. When you need Product Managers

Full Stack developers can make excellent product managers. They understand the business requirements and, at the same time, they are aware of the engineering capabilities. When decisions have to be made by taking all the parameters into account, they are an extremely valuable resource.

3. When cost is a constraint

When you cannot afford to hire a specialist for each layer of the development process, Full Stack developers are your saviors. That being said, good full stack developers don’t come cheap. Nevertheless, instead of spending $70,000 each for a front-end, back-end, and network engineer, it is better to opt for one $100,000 full stack developer.

4. When you need a CTO/Co-founder

“I have an idea for a brilliant app, but I just need someone to build it”. This is a common infuriating phrase that developers often hear. When you are looking for a CTO or co-founder for a truly symbiotic relationship that involves combining their technical expertise with a shared vision for the business, Full stack developers can make great CTOs or co-founders.

Qualities of a full-stack developer

With reference to qualities, look for someone who:

  • Is interested and passionate about learning new things
  • Understands not only the stacks but also different technologies
  • Can point you in the right direction for a solution even if they cannot solve it
  • Is aware of the latest trends and developments
  • Can see the big picture, the vision of the business, and understands the customer’s requirements

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