Why Konfinity is the best platform for a student to secure a high paying tech jobs?

Konfinity is an AI Platform that aims to train the world’s largest workforce and upgrade the STEM education pedagogy through its revolutionary Artificial Intelligent platform capable of real-time student assessment and feedback. It is an online platform where you can learn how to work on industrial projects without even attending any boring lectures. It is a community of IIT Delhi graduates which helps students to get professional training by working on projects and get placements in software companies without paying any upfront cost.

Why Konfinity?

These are the four specialities which comprise the core of our business model:

  • Data Driven Support:

Most of the students who work on projects need external help on their coding roadblocks, cover letters, and mistakes, otherwise they quit. Hence, konfinity provides one on one personalised feedback to the students on 20k+ data points which enables the students to learn from their mistakes and acquire project execution skills while sitting in their home.

  • Income share agreement:

In konfinity, you do not pay anything upfront. You only pay if you get a job that pays more than $20k/year. The way it works is that you sign an Income Share Agreement with us which specifically states that students pay a small portion of their income which they earn after getting placed through Konfinity.

  • Project-based learning:

More than 95% recruiters favour candidates with portfolio or multiple project experience while hiring fresh talent. Since, We have been trained since childhood to learn everything by lectures, Most of the students fall into the vicious circle of rote learning which cripples them of problem solving and critical thinking skills required to work on projects. Hence, the Konfinity Curriculum is entirely project based developed by a team of IIT Delhi alumni working in syndicate with tech industry leaders like Uber, Amazon, Google, Paytm.

  • Dynamically Changing Curriculum:

Most of the topics that are being taught by local coaching institutes are rarely used in the day to day life of a programmer. Konfinity teaches you to become a professional developer and acquire project execution skills by focussing on the concepts which have a practical application. Since software technologies frequently get updates and new and advanced technologies are introduced every week, the curriculum at Konfinity is also updated so that you always stay updated and ahead of the curve.

For more updates on how we are revolutionising the high tech industry feel free to visit our website: https://konfinity.com/

Konfinity is an AI platform which trains students to become professional software developer at no upfront cost.

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