Kong 1.1 — See all your favorite faces on your wrist

We are excited to be one of the first apps to support GIFs on the Apple Watch. If you’re one of the few to get in on the first Apple Watch shipments, or own an Android Wear watch, Kong is now available for download. Browse your feeds and channels, receive follow, likes and post notifications straight from your wrist.

Our team has been working hard to get Kong 1.1 out the door and bring you some of the updates you’ve asked us for. Also new in Kong 1.1 for iOS and Android (1.01):

Selfie Stick Support: Whether you love them or hate them, you can now use both bluetooth and wired selfie sticks with Kong.

Share to Facebook Messenger: Having trouble getting the message across to friends on FB? Let your face do the talking, now you can record a GIF selfie and send it easily through Kong.

Smarter Notifications: Follow and Home notifications take you straight to your Follower list and Home feed, and you also have the option to follow someone back directly from a Follow notification.

Easier Friend Finding: Your friend suggestions are sorted to help you quickly find friends, especially those that recently joined or followed you on Kong.

Download Kong now and check out some of our most popular channels: #hahahano, #eyebrowdance and #emjoi. We’re always looking to improve your experience, so feel free to shoot us a note anytime on Twitter or directly on Kong in the #suggestions channel.

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