Kong 1.5 — Reactions!

For when a ’heart’ doesn’t quite cut it

What’s a GIF app without reaction GIFs?

Hot on the heels of our Profile update, you can now respond to any Kong post, meaning every GIF in Kong can become a kongversation. You can respond in two ways:

  • React with a Kong post of your own (custom reaction GIFs for the win!)
  • Comment with words, using our new Text filter

Whether you’re just asking a question, imitating a post or continuing a meme, reactions let us inter- act on Kong in ways we’ve never been able to before now. Simply tap on any Kong post, then tap the React or Comment button to reply.

Download Kong 1.5 today on Android and iOS.

Interested in participating in the beta for future Kong updates?
Let us know on Twitter (@kong) or email us (hello at kong.wtf)!

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