Preparing for what happens next

Despite taking a break for a week from a competition, there are still many things that everyone on the team needs to do. I on that matter, did not do as much as I should have. I crammed all my work that I needed to do into a small week, to get ready for this week tournament. We are going to Mankato State which is a bigger tournament. Because I only had one week I don’t feel nearly as prepared as I should be. I transcribed, cut, and memorized a piece in one day in order to go to this tournament. It was a lot of work, but lets hope that it can pay off. My mind set for this tournament is to do the best I can do. Not thinking about the scores or how other people perceive me because I just got my piece up. But I know that overall, I won’t be satisfied because thats the type of person I can be. I over analysis my performance trying to make myself better never thinking I’m good enough. This is one of my downfalls but at the same time, really helpful because I strive to be the best I can be. On October 16th, I have to wake up at 4 in the morning to make it to our tournament on time. This is what I have to go through sometimes when I’m in speech. This is probably the downfalls of it but the outcome is great. Sometimes I don’t get much sleep because of speech because I worry to much but it’s still something I enjoy doing so I guess I put myself in the situation.

Now, despite all the long nights and the stress that I bring upon myself, there are so many things that we do as a team to build community and to get closer to each other. We have a new thing called Accountabillibuddies. We as freshmen or first year competitors are paired up with an upperclass college experienced competitor to help build a closer relationship within our speech family.

We also have weekly meetings on Wednesday’s at 9pm which is late but thats the only time we can all meet. It’s fun because we have a few things to talk about, an agenda, then we have games at the end to get to know everyone better.

This week we played a very dangerous game to play with chairs that can roll and have a desk. I personally took runners up but in the process, I got injured, but not severely of course. We played musical chairs. This is just a few of the people, many already got out by this photo was taken.

I also promised to put up a video of me giving 0ne of my speeches, but I will put that up on another post because I don’t think that the one I have for this week is good enough. So please be patient and it will be here soon.

I also want to thank my group here, Matt and See. You guys are a part of my community here on campus, I am just focusing more on my community on the speech team. Maybe if you guys join speech, I’ll talk about you guys more. Thanks for all your input and bearing with the nerd in me about speech. You guys are great.

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