[GYAO] 【Interview】 Fukushi Sota & Komatsu Nana “Cherish the Time of Real Life!” — Their Feelings in “Tomorrow, I Will Date with Yesterday’s You”

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Tomorrow,I will Date Yesterday’s You” (published on December 17) is a fantasy love story from Takafumi Nanatsuki’s best-selling novel that exceeded 1.5 million copies and starring by Fukushi Sota and Komatsu Nana. Megaphone was taken by director Miki Takahiro who has worked on a number of youth love stories. In Kyoto the stage “Miracle of the year (Kiseki)” will be done but Fukushi and Komatsu who expressed it hopefully, looked back on the charm of the work and their respective in 2016.

Both Fukushi and Komatsu read the original work and in tears!

— — The original story was fantastic, but what kind of impression did you have after read it?

Fukushi Sota. “I was going to read from Minamiyama (played by Fukushi) perspective without previous information, and at the beginning I thought “Such a love story is okay”. But, knowing the big meaning inside the work, I cried after realized Emi-chan’s (played by Komatsu Nana) feeling.”
Komatsu Nana. “First of all, I started reading with thinking what kind of story it was when I looked at the title, but as I was going through with reading, my tears didn’t stop. The time axis was complicated, I was re-reading from the beginning again on the way, but I feel that it gets gradually getting worse as the two shared happy times, I cried so terribly.”

— — Although it is a strong work of fantasy elements, is there anything you have been careful about playing this character?

Fukushi Sota. “Miki Director said, “Starting from the unattractive Takatoshi is good. I want to put a gradient of growth from there.” I talked with the director in detail as to where and how much I was growing and how much position I should move with Emi.
Komatsu Nana. “To make it into a movie, I wanted to value the world view as well. It was a painful story, but since I didn’t want to make it sad, I wanted to portrayed it while feeling the air of Kyoto.”
They first impression of each other is a cool person, but in fact both are the youngest child with childish temperament!

— — The two of you co-starred for the first time, how was the impression of each other?

Fukushi Sota. “The cool image was strong before we met, but the impression changed on the first day we met. She is a very bright person and could feel a sense of distance with people. As the progressed of shooting, I guessed that she has a youngest child temperament, she was amenable to female staff. She has a strong existence only by standing.”
Komatsu Nana. “My first impression was also cool and quiet at the beginning, but as I knew that both of us are the youngest child, I was able to come up with it. In the shooting of a stepping stone of the Kamogawa, there is a scene where Fukushi-san need to pause (his action), but since he was told that was in order to “pull out various things” by Miki director, he has suffered a lot. He responded to all of it, and it was fun to see the mischievous part.”

— — It was taken in Kyoto for one and a half months, but did you find a location that remains in the impression?

Fukushi Sota. “The Kyoto Prefectural Botanic Gardens where Takatoshi confess his feeling, there’s an illumination and a lot of couples come. The atmosphere produced by those people is very good, that place is a recommended spot.
Komatsu Nana. “I went for a lot of dating in the scene. Among them, I already went to Fushimi Inari Shrine in my junior high school trip, but I enjoyed a different atmosphere from that time. In the early morning shooting, the air was clear and pleasant, the light coming in through the gaps of the Torii was mysterious and it was really nice.”
Unattractive Fukushi like no one ever seen!?

— — Is there a point that you were conscious of making this role?

Fukushi Sota. “Trying to put an unattractive Takatoshi in front, stretching his neck with his eyeglasses stretched out, burried his face on a muffler… Director Miki said, “I want to show an unattractive Fukushi Sota that nobody would like to see”, I tried to suspend my behavior that do not fit in the eye, and took in a feeling I wasn’t familiar to.”
Komatsu Nana. “Director Miki ask me to raise the tone a little more than my usual voice. I’m really a weak male ideal girl… Bakuman was also the same case, but the girly role is difficult. Since the image of Emi was perfect, I made it while consulting with the director. Though she is mysterious at first glance, I was conscious of being a pure girl who loves Minamiyama as well.”

— — Minamiyama falls in love in the moment he met Emi, and confess, but how was it if you were in that situation?

Komatsu Nana. “If that person (who confess) is a stranger, I will scared (laugh). However, I may calmly ask the reason why. I guess there is something that will develop from there…
Fukushi Sota. “I won’t confess even if I feel fateful (laugh). Even if you are conscious of each other at the same time, it may be different. To feel love at first sight, Minamiyama sudden act was amazing.”
Both Fukushi and Komatsu were the first to receive a soundtrack from the director!

— — I heard that director Miki gave you the soundtrack.

Fukushi Sota. “There are about 10 songs in it, many songs of crystal clear feeling. When reading the script while conscious of the feels of the song, words were transmitted sensuously. Since up to now I don’t have experience that director passes the music, feelings of supervision of work has been transmitted.”

Komatsu Nana. “It was my first time that I got the soundtrack. The world view of Miki’s imagery, the temperature and the air feeling are transmitted, and music seems to be a very important factor in the movie, so I thought that I would play the world view carefully. When the music played along with the scene, I think that the song is flowing. I felt Miki director was a person who cherished a single work very much and was a very loving person.”

— — The two of you have appeared in many romance movies so far, but what do you want to convey through this work?

Komatsu Nana. “I think that it’s natural to be with people, lovers, families and always being together. It is a happy thing, I think that when you see this movie, you can feel that the moment of being together while doing ordinary thing is very important.”

Fukushi Sota. “I think that this is how we face our loved ones in a limited time. I don’t know if I can accept that fate, but I wonder if I also inherent to have a firm resolution against it.”

I don’t feel like portrayed it well (Fukushi, Komatsu)

— — Both of you are impressively, energetically challenging works of various genres, but are there anything in mind as an actor?

Fukushi Sota. “The point is to convey the feelings of works firmly as actors. I’m not thinking much about how I’m going to act or how I should show it. I would like to clarify what the work wishes to convey and to express how much I can convey that feeling from one line of each act.”
Komatsu Nana. “I was conscious of the first time, whether I should show it well, I should cry well, I shouldn’t be beautiful, but I have experienced various situations, so such feelings disappeared. Keep it on the spot and keep treating the color of the director and the flexibility to be stained by the co-star who plays.”

— — Although it is in the late 2016, how was it looking back?

Fukushi Sota. “It was a year of fighting. Since I have experienced various scenes and there are many movies that will be released next year, I think that it was a year that I could input various things because of my skills. I was able to participate in the site where I was able to experience an amazing action, and I participate as well in “ Chotto Ima Kara Shigoto Yamete Kuru”. I think that I could express a different expression from my usual one, so I’m looking forward to what kind of evaluation will be given in 2017.”
Komatsu Nana. “Last year when I finished the movie, I entered the next movie and thought that it was painful by repeating… There wasn’t much shooting itself this year, and I had time to look back on myself again and privacy was enriched. In addition, this year I went abroad with a model job and went to Taiwan for a month and a half for Martin Scorsese’s “Silence” shooting, but it was quite exciting and I absorbed many things. Next year I will try my best with a new feeling again.”

— — Please tell your motto.

Fukushi Sota. “I try not to have it. If I denied it, I may not be able to get around well. I would like to be a kind of person who can get in any situation. I think that I don’t have my own color and I wonder if there is.
Komatsu Nana. “I like the word “discovery of new things by learning from the past”. I think that it is important to have a feeling and curiosity to challenge new things through various works. There is no point in doing the same thing, so I hope to experience a lot of things and open up a new way to be myself.”

(Writer : Masakazu Isobe / Photographer : Yoshinobu Nakamura)

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