[PROFILE] Komatsu Nana

(Source : Komatsu Nana profile from Stardust Promotion page http://www.stardust.co.jp/section3/profile/komatsunana.html)

Affiliation department SECTION 3
Birthday February 16, 1996
Blood type O type
Birthplace Tokyo
Height 168 cm
Size B 77 cm W 59 cm 85 cm S 23.5 cm
Hobby Camera
Skill Dance
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/konichan7/
  • She’s the youngest child, has 2 brothers and because she’s the only daughter; her dad really love her. (via @i_D_JAPAN)
  • Never mind if someone played about her name ‘Komatsuna’ because it’s a fact and the vegetable is full of nutrition. (From IG @konichan7)
  • Started a modelling career at the age of 12, and acting at 3rd grade of high school.
  • She doesn’t like to send e-mails to her favorite people, she prefers to talk on the phone. (BokuAsu Interview)
  • Her ideal date plan is walking around the park. After that it depends on man. (BokuAsu Interview)
  • She likes wearing tannin pants and has a lot of pants such as wide and narrow tube one. (Taiwan VOGUE)
  • She organized her clothes in accordance with seasons to distinguish. A sweater will be classified together in the same area. (Taiwan VOGUE)
  • She likes black color, it is easy to wear with a variety of clothing, especially cute items such as skirt. (Taiwan VOGUE)
  • Thing she always bring is camera. She often bring it to work to take pictures. (Taiwan VOGUE)
  • She has distinctive appearance, but not half or a quarter, his parents came from Saga Prefecture and Okinawa Prefecture.
  • She belonged to the cheerleading club during her high school days.
  • “It’s better to share various feelings about ordinary things, always being together is important.” (BokuAsu Interview)
  • She said no about idea to make lunch for partner, because she’ll be too embarrassed and it’s silly to give that while saying “jan!”. (BokuAsu Interview)
  • Disney character that she likes is Ariel the little mermaid. (Her IG @konichan7)
  • “Because I don’t know the answer, is searching for it also count as growing up?” — SILENCE Interview with @Movie__Walker )
  • “I’d like to be an actress with flexibility who can express charm according to director’s request.” — in SINGLES Korea
  • “I will do my best without forgetting my efforts from now on.” — 90th Kinema Junpo Awards ( cr : @eiga_natalie )
  • “Movie in me is “battle with myself.” I want to grow more, I’d like to perform more play that moves a person’s heart.”— @Sankei_news
  • “Because “curiosity” exists, a new door opens.” (FRaU April 2017)
  • “I often hear, “because you are a girl”, but I dont want to lose of that word.” (FRaU)
  • “I’m inspiring myself by watching movies and watching the stage, thinking that I want to become a more wanted person.” (FRaU)
  • “When I feel depressed by all means, I cry and talk to someone, I don’t have time to feel depressed.” (FRaU)
  • “Rather than regret it later, why don’t try as hard as I can. So that I will know what I’m eager to have, and enjoy the experience of life. So that life is no regret.” (Taiwan VOGUE)
  • “I think that love at first sight is also an intuition that’s why I want to cherish it. I’m longing for it…” (BokuAsu Interview)
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