A Writer of Fiction is a Foolish Creature

Writing is the art of telling yourself every day that what you have to say is important, that you deserve to be heard. It is so fucking scary to feel deserving when every little part of your brain and your life is telling you you’re going the wrong way. Isolated, often penniless, a self-doubting puddle of question marks — this is what a writer is ! But at least this time we know we’re not lying to ourselves.

Why is it so hard to do what you’ve always wanted to and come to terms with the fact that things will always go wrong, there will always be stress in life one way or another. We must make our peace with it.

Today I came close to abandoning my novel because I felt it wasn’t benefiting anybody but me. Then it came to me — ‘It is benefiting me’ and maybe for now that’s all that matters. Maybe a writer needs to have a certain amount of self-importance and blind zeal otherwise it would have been too simple.

Remember when you have no one, you still have you.