As a student, I believe this should also be implemented throughout colleges, and high schools and…
Sara Weaver

But I do get what you’re saying and I agree. Where academics are already rigorous — there does tend to be too much workload. That’s unfair and yes sleep needs to be recognised as a basic human right for these things to change.

Doctoral or graduate students I think are the most tormented lot in this context. But what I wonder is how people making these rules and systems never realise this — how can they not care when the link between sleep deprivation and a whole range of problems is clearly proven by research. It is infuriating.

It is also a very personal thing when it comes to those with health issues, like you mentioned your ADHD. I suffer from chronic sinusitis and 8 am classes are something I cannot even hold my head up in. I’ve had to reach school at times as early as 6 am. Horrible really. But since I am an adult now I guess I put all those memories away.

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