Congrats Mommy and Daddy— Oh Dear!

Have you met rainbow kitty- She is lovely.

It astounds me to know how many people become parents never wanting to be parents…not ready for this immense change in life, but too afraid to stop it, screaming on the inside but nodding their heads for invisible neighbours and undead relatives beyond the fence. So they get into it and decide to go through with it because this has been going on for centuries- that’s a good enough argument. Everyone must have children.

Oh beautiful and lovely children…soft, round and juicy children! Oh Damn we didn’t really want this cry Mommy and Daddy — two hands of a broken clock. They pour glue over the cracks instead of fixing issues with love, they believe in compromises and petty whackadoo. They use you as a private punching bag. Make sure you tell no one and put it up with it for as long as you can.

I know many who were punching bags in more ways than one -physical, emotional, sexual, financial. Mommy and Daddy are pirates- 
they take everything you have and give nothing back.

Make plans to run away. Tell no one.

All the punching bags have grown up, they suffer from depression, anxiety and panic attacks; they suffocate in their sleep and weep in their dreams.

They are adults now and they are passing a new law in 2016—

The Parental Eligibility Test: Any couple who wishes to harbour a newborn must pass the test… proving they possess financial capability, sound mental health, no major history violence, and most importantly — a home full of love.

Mommy and Daddy are old, but can still wound you with words.

You love your parents but you don’t like them at all. 
You must provide for them and give love another try. After all eternities have passed and sometimes old stripes are willing to grow new colors. But if nothing works and it gets too much — just walk away.

Tell Mommy and Daddy —

“I tried. I tried. I told no one. I kept it inside. I let it bore a hole in me. A part of my heart is ruined forever. I eat bad mushrooms, I see the rainbow kitty waving at me, softly purring. I want to be at peace but I cannot forget.
I carry hurricanes in my head. I run from people who remind me of you. I crave the love of people who remind me of you. I am not okay. I will never be okay. I hate me now.
Goodbye. ”
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