Life From the Eyes of a Sightless Philosopher

“So what’s your life like?”, asked the woman.

“Just like every other life here.” He replied.

“I don’t understand. I mean…

You’re sightless. You’re a philosopher.

How do you even go on living

when the sky has fallen?

So much has happened to you.

I wonder how you manage to keep at it, at life.

I, myself, feel even the air not to my liking

some days. And it’s silly because I have

everything I need.

I mean I should be happy

but I am not.

So how are you…

Happy after all this?”

“I am a stoic.

Nothing hurts anymore.

The pain is like this sea before us.

It comes and goes.

It has not managed to mask my soul.”

He smiled.

“So tell me then really — How do you define life?”

She brought out a thin notebook and one of those cheap plastic pens that you find in little run-down shops where there’s barely space to stand.

“Life is a simple event,

one of the many millions that happen in this universe,

nothing consequential,

nothing of significance certainly.

I’ll describe to you what I can see within my head,

I am walking on this beach,

the sand feels soft like

my first girlfriend’s hair

slipping and sliding under my skin,

the sun is shining

bright like the smile

on my father’s face the day he died,

I feel safe

and warm.

There is a child playing

in the corner

with a colored ball,

his only companion.

He doesn’t seem to notice he’s alone.

And I look up at the

clear blue sky

I am happy.

It begins to rain,

my cheeks are wet.

No !

It isn’t raining.

It’s only my tears.

Life is like that moment

when you put your feet up

after a hard day’s work,

you’re kind of drowsy

and the book

in your hand is almost

touching the floor…

and then the neighbour’s dog

comes bouncing out

to the yard, throws you down

and starts gnawing at your balls !

Life is that thing

you learn to live with

knowing that

you’ll get slapped

and you’ll get kissed

like clockwork

year after eventful year

on your same two cheeks,

no difference

you’re always the same person

greater than the sum

of your good deeds and bad deeds,

just a whole person

but the deliverance of life,

the happenstance

is too random

to be predictable.

That is life.

You never really know

what will happen

and you keep trying to tell yourself

it will be alright

when you realise fully well

you don’t really know

if it will.

And what’s even funnier is that

you wonder

if that makes you


the world’s biggest fool

and the world’s wisest man.

We do not choose to be born,

but we can choose to be stoics,

to not be so alive

while we live you know.”

And he continued to laugh in an uproar

right uptil his hollowed out bones,

he laughed and he laughed

and then he walked

straight into the sea.

“I understand now.” said the woman and went her way …. scribbling in her notebook, shoving the unruly hair from across her face first towards her temples and then behind her ears. The wind had become suddenly stronger.

It felt like a storm was coming.

She noticed a piece of paper

sticking out at the back of the notebook, she opened it.

She recognised his peculiar way of writing..

like a child’s with all the letters drawn far apart

not touching, uneven, forceful.

“Don’t forget the kid

playing on the beach,

with the colored ball.

Don’t ever forget him.

Even if you drown him

his ball will forever pop up

a bright spasm of color

in the corner of your eye

and remind you

of the games

you forgot to play.

That is life!

I keep seeing the ball,

I am obsessed with the ball.

Life is a circle.

The ball is a circle too.

That can’t be a coincidence — can it!

So if you really want to know

how to go on when the sky has fallen,

Keep playing the game,

that’s the fun part anyway.

The rest is all different

degrees of drudgery.

Be well

dear lady.


  • Koni.