Humanity Is A Whimpering Child
Tre L. Loadholt

omg such a poignant and brilliant piece. This is what people know- governments and their promises are unreliable, only people are there for other people. I do believe, compassion comes naturally to us, but there are such threats/posed dangers that most people do not want to help strangers. I agree whole-heartedly to do what you can — as long as it makes a difference to even one person you have made the world better. I usually offer free food and medicines to people waiting outside government clinics, people with no family, serious inuries, traumatised and with nowhere to go. But when my parents found out they were not happy at all, a couple of the senior doctors of the clinic (where I was also an outpatient for a skin-related problem for a while) who lived nearby as neighbours and knew me came by the house and discussed it with my parents. I saw a gathering of irrational adults in my home that day and all of them agreed that I should not be helping such “mentally ill/unstable/homeless/dangerous” people alone, out there by myself. I was so angry that day I remember crying and shouting at everyone and I left and I took 4 of my friends along with me- I wasn’t disobeying my parents anymore, I wasn’t alone but I also am not someone who can look away and let the world be a hopeless place, if it is in my power to help anyone in whatever small way. I sincerely believe we all can help at least one person, if not many, in our lifetimes, what good are we as human beings if we do not do this. Thanks for sharing your story Tre — we need more of you.

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