It’s actually unfortunate that you limited yourself to thinking of the context of India because…
Sara Weaver

well I am a teacher working in India and I definitely wrote this thinking of that. I don’t think there is anything unfortunate about writing about what you know instead of generalising everyone’s experiences without adequate knowledge. I make sure the students are engaged and most teachers forget to listen to their students, which is what I often focus on. I’ve been a professor of branding and marketing, nobody sleeps in my class. I have had lecture halls full of 300 students and everyone is awake and instead of reading books they are working on solving case studies and designing ad-boards.

I didn’t realise this was the exception, not the norm everywhere.

I think Indian working conditions are much worse as compared to other countries so no I don’t think there is anything wrong with writing specifically about issues that bother me.

But I am glad you brought this up. Take care.

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