Your Self-Worth is Like Rome — Build it Up Brick by Brick

Lessons of the week:

1) If you can’t do anything good for yourself, do good for others. It’ll benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.

2) Rome wasn’t built in a day. So is the case with your self-worth. That’s your Rome, give it time. Set it up brick by brick. Every single word, every single thought you feed yourself affects your Rome so be a good mason and keep laying the brickwork.

3) Never be afraid to express love. How poor the world must seem if it indeed were only full of people carrying love (within them)… but never acting on it. I don’t just mean love for people, love for anything is love. But if you don’t become a real lover, you remain forever on the sidelines of the thing you’re crushing on, like a garden without roses, or the sea without its high tide. You were meant to be full and flowing, high and roaring…. don’t settle for anything less in life.

4) If you’re confused and need sound advice, but are unsure. Get some objectivity by writing your problem down on paper, then read it back as if this problem were sent to you by a friend and you’re helping them solve it. Then give them the best possible advice, since you know you are great at pulling your friends out of messy situations. Now read that out loud- does that feel like a punch in the gut ? Yeah that’s the honest, semi-objective sort of advice you really need. Annihilate decision-paralysis with this simple pretend game. Thank me later.

5) Don’t let anyone make you believe that you must “know what you want in life” or that “you should know yourself inside out” because both those things- what you want, and what you are — are evolving, and hence keep shifting forward. 
It is actually not your fault, you’re conditioned to want something more as soon as you get what you wanted six months ago. You cannot help growing as a person as you’re exposed to life’s cruelty and indifference, so there again you cannot be a stationary system, but you can be like maybe an evolving hermit with a fixed core. 
Contentment is a skill that’s taught in no school, and yet we must at some point realise what that means for us or you’ll be chasing rainbows till you die, which is not a bad thing if being a professional rainbow-chaser is what you want to be.

But from what I’ve seen of life, I can tell you this — “The question is the answer.”

  • Koni.