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You are going to start a carrier as a front-end developer, which is awesome. There a lot of job opportunities where you can train your development skills on the job, which is perfectly OK if you are a junior developer.

But first… you have to pass that job interview. And indeed it is hard to prove your skills if you are new on the job.

No panic, if you are facing me as the software manager in your job interview for junior front-end developer, the chances are high that I am going to ask you one of the following questions.

Do you have side projects?

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You have a great idea, it is logical, it is going to work, it is going to make a big difference. You just feel it!

But then … people.

You have to convince others of your idea to be able to make it happen, you imagine how they are going to react.

  1. They are going to go for it because it is an awesome idea!
    Well sure… we are all just happy people who say yes to everything #sarcasm
  2. They are going to ask you questions. …

In this article, I will share my valuable experiences during the migration of a large front-end project with Grunt, Bower and AngularJS to a state-of-the-art technology stack and architecture.

When I joined the project it had reached a point that may be familiar to many that have worked on fast growing, long-lived complex products: developing new functionalities was getting slower and release candidates became increasingly difficult to stabilise.

The reasons for these issues could be traced back to a number of key causes:

  • Application state was distributed out over different services.
  • Data objects spread as function arguments from domain to…

Kristof Konings

It once started with: “right-click, view source” in IE6 … now I am a software manager in web applications :D

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