The calculus of supposedly “sharing economy” businesses is no different than that of GM or Toyota…
douglas rushkoff

Though I understand some of what you say — the “People living in the same building with an AirBNB host know what it’s like to lose a neighbor to a business plan.” is a bit of a stretch. I do get the idea that you are looking from the outside throwing bricks instead of having done the actual thing yourself and knowing what it is like. And to that it is like demonising people who go to the gym because they deify their body without having been to a gym, done workouts and seeing that it’s mostly just people trying to get their general health to a normal level. Maybe — just maybe — people actually like it because they also get to meet other people, get some of the feel of a culture without necessarily having to go to a place. With that last comment you are denying them their own feeling, their reason for doing what they do.

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