We are excited to announce a new face to the Konios Team.

Damilare Binutu, Nigeria

Position: Blockchain/AI Developer

Mikel, our CTO, got in touch with DB (prefered Nickname), through a friend who recommended DB as a benefit for the Konios Project. After lots of calls and discussions Mikel confirmed the recomendation and DB…

The Konios team wants to involve the community in its development process! That’s why we decided to let the community choose the KON symbol!

All interested designers and artists can register for this contest!

In a voting process, all Konios fans, supporters and investors can cast their votes. …

The traditional exchange deal.

You give something to someone and the other gives you something else in return. The change of time has drastically changed this traditional exchange transaction. Or maybe not?

It didn’t. Although it has influenced the additional functions, technological achievements, people’s behavioral and mental patterns, it is…

Konios Project

The worlds most secure cash & crypto platform!

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