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So you are Data Scientist and you have consumed hundreds of tutorials, read tons of Data Science books, and never contributed a single sentence to help others?

That was me about two years ago! I have been using all possible internet resources to further my knowledge of Data Science…

That you did not know about


Have you been playing with Natural Language Processing recently? If you have you probably have used spacy or NLTK libraries to build some basic NLP algorithms and process the text data. However, there are other python libraries that could help with data preprocessing or visualizations.

In this article, I…

And how to use them with python code…


Have you been practicing Data Science for a while now? You must know pandas, scikit-learn seaborn, and matplotlib pretty well at this stage.

If you feel like you want to expand your horizons and learn some more obscure libraries but equally useful ones you are in a good place…


Master Natural Language Processing with these aids


There are a lot of people asking me how to start learning Natural Language Processing so I decided to write this guide to share some of the resources that will help you to get started in this area.

NLP has been a hot topic in data science for the…

Since I started my blogging journey 1.5 years ago

Today I have reached 1.5 followers on Medium!

Thank you to everyone that has followed me and read my writing during this period. It has been amazing to be able to share my knowledge with so many people.

Thank you to the TDS Editors and Towards AI Team team who…

String processing made easy with these simple pandas functions


If you have been using the pandas library in python you may have noticed that a lot of data comes in textual form instead of pure numbers as some people may imagine.

This means there is a need to clean and preprocess string so it can be analyzed, consumed…

Cloud Computing

Learn about the benefits of data lakes and how to set them up quickly with AWS Lake Formation


Every day, big and small companies collect more and more data. Enterprises typically gather data about companies’ operations, clients, competition, products etc. They need to store, process and analyze all this information in an efficient manner.

The traditional solution of setting up warehouses and databases is simply not up to…

Machine Learning


This article will teach you how to set up a Machine Learning project with a DagsHub: a new tool designed to ease collaboration on Data Science projects that require data versioning and model building.

Today, we will talk about:

  • Problems with traditional Git and DVC setup for Machine Learning…

… with Jupyter Notebooks Themes


Jupyter Notebook is a great programming environment and often the most popular choice for data scientists or data analysts that are coding in python. Unfortunately, its default settings do not allow the level of customization that you have with standard programming environments such as PyCharm or similar tools.


Install these jupyter notebook extensions to boost your productivity.


This article is a follow-up to my previous article that has introduced you to Jupyter notebook extensions and has presented my favorite ones. If you have not read it yet you probably should start there as it introduces the general concepts such as:

1) what are Jupyter notebook extensions,

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