If you have done any significant trading of cryptocurrencies in 2017, then you have no doubt experienced both huge gains, and huge losses. You have also probably spent many sleepless nights researching coins and watching their prices. For some of you, it may have consumed your life to the point that your family time and job security are suffering.

I’ll get straight to the point. There is a simple way to build enormous crypto wealth by the end of 2018, that doesn’t exhaust your time and energy: Daily Compound Interest!

The key to becoming a Crypto Millionaire without the daily stress and huge risk is: Let Davor do the hard work for you, and consistently reinvestevery day. Let Davor do the trading for you with their advanced trading bots, so your investment stays in the green, then reinvest each day to compound your earnings for an entire year. That’s it! It’s truly that simple!

If you simply follow these steps, and take a minute each day to click some buttons to reinvest, by the end of 2018, you will be laughing about how you used to trade cryptos the hard way, when it could have been this simple all along.

  1. Create a Coinbase account, and then create a Davor account. (In the next steps, you will be buying Bitcoin on Coinbase, and sending it to your Bitcoin wallet on Davor.)
  2. On Coinbase, select the “Buy/Sell” tab, and purchase some Bitcoin for your initial investment with a credit/debit card. (Bank transfers can take up to a week.)
  3. On Davor, select the left “Wallet” menu, then the “BITCOIN” tab, and then the “DEPOSIT” button. Copy the Bitcoin wallet address to your clipboard.
  4. On Coinbase, select the “Accounts” tab, and then the left “BTC Wallet” menu. When your wallet shows a balance, click the “Send” button. Paste the Bitcoin wallet address (copied in Step 3), into the “To” field, and verify that it matches the entire address from step 3. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to send, and then send it.
  5. After an hour or so (could take many hours depending on the Bitcoin network), check your Davor account to see if your Bitcoin wallet has a balance. When it does, click the left “Exchange” tab, then the right “BUY DAV” tab. Fill out the form and click the “BUY DAV” button. This will create a buy order under “My Open Orders”. Once it gets filled, you are ready for the next step.
  6. Click the left “Lending” tab, then click the “START LENDING” button. Lend all of your DAV, which will be converted to USD. (IMPORTANT: You will be lending USD, so changes in the value of DAV will not affect the value of your lending package, and you will get USD back at the end of your lending periods, not DAV.) DO NOT check the “Auto Reinvestment” “Active” checkbox (I’ll explain why in the next step). DO check the “Optional capital lock boost” “+ 120 days” checkbox to get the most out of your money. Finish creating the lending package.
  7. Log back into Davor in a day or two, and click the left “Lending” tab to see if you have money in your lending wallet. If you have over $10, the “REINVEST” button will be enabled. Click the button and reinvest. REPEAT THIS EVERY DAY FOR 1 FULL YEAR. (Each time you reinvest, you create a new lending package. Since you need a minimum of $10 to reinvest, you want to accumulate all your daily payouts from all previous lending packages. If you have auto reinvestment enabled on your first and largest lending package, you will need to wait for the payouts from your smaller packages to accumulate. That is why it’s better to manually reinvest every day, at the same time each day.)

Now, lets say you made your first investment of $5,000 on January 1st, 2018, and the daily interest is 1.2% (it has been much higher on average). By March 1st, you will be getting daily payouts of $121.28, which is equivalent to $44,268.45 per year. You could stop reinvesting at this point, and just collect your money every day. But that would be foolish. If you continue until July 1st, you will get daily payouts of $519.79, or $189,721.64 per year. That is because of the power of daily compound interest. Skipping forward to the last day of 2018, you will get daily payouts of $4,611.67, or $1,683,257.92 per year. That is ongoing, residual income!!

Other than my investment in ADA/Cardano, all of my money is in Davorlending programs. I have been following this reinvestment strategy, and my wealth is growing faster than I expected due to Davor amazing daily interest rates! I hope you will join me in the quest to become Crypto Millionaires by the end of 2018! See you there! :)

A special note for US Citizens. The latest 2018 tax laws have put a damper on cryto trading, since we are now required to track the value of every coin/token when we purchase and when we exchange it. If the value decreases, we must keep a record of the loss. If the value increases, we must keep a record of the gain. We must then pay capital gains taxes on the final balance. This is very difficult to manage, and makes tax records for day trading almost impossible. By investing in Davor, you only have a couple of coin exchanges to track: from Bitcoin to DAV to USD. After that, you are just reinvesting with USD. So your crypto profits will grow all year long, without worrying about tracking profits from coin exchanges. Only when you decide to stop reinvesting, and start cashing in, will you need to track your coin exchanges for tax purposes.

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