Bad Campus Design

EWU seems to be slowly but surely replacing all of the buildings it has had around forever and ever. Whether you’re a fan of the charm of the old buildings or embracing a sleek redesign, it’s the direction the school is heading.

The newest building on campus, Patterson hall, is definitely a beautiful and modern-looking piece of art. From the stone in the floors to the wavy light fixtures to the furniture to the color coordination to the brushed-metal edgings, it is very nice-looking on the inside.

The floors are smooth and kept well-polished. It is nice to look at, and has a great feel. During the summer, that is. The moment moisture is introduced (you know, around the time classes start for the school year until about the time they stop), the floors become dangerously slippery. The stairs have those rougher edges to help provide traction on a much-needed area, but they aren’t as rough as necessary (so as to not look out of place in a very smooth room) and the handrails accompanying them are also too smooth.

While the building has a pleasant atmosphere and many nice features, this is a very basic feature where the look takes away from the functionality.