Campus Design to Improve Upon

As far as I’m concerned, the Computing and Engineering building is the only important building on campus. I suppose there are a couple more I have use now and again, but these days it is where I live my life. I suppose that’s probably the case for most people in the last year of their major.

Maybe others of these buildings I never visit do it better, but I feel like I can never find a garbage can around here. I’m used to seeing one, large or small, next to the door. I don’t care what size it is; I’m usually just trying to toss a granola bar wrapper or a crumpled piece of paper. But now I have to wander the hallways in search of cans that aren’t in any intuitive location.

To make matters worse, in the computer labs, we are mocked by a recycling bin (one that only accepts paper, by the way), which leads one to think that there will be the bin you’re actually looking for right next to it. But no.

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