Fitness at Home

The best daily workouts for all body shapes

When you grow old one of the things people regret the most is not finding time to keep fit.

As a teenager going to football practice or to the gym is part of the daily routine. However, when college gains the upper hand and working time becomes stressful, training is one of the first things we tend to neglect.

A good solution, in this case, is to find a daily working routine that you can do at home. It’s cheaper, easier to accomplish and it can be done at any time. Plus, it’s helpful when you want to take a break without losing time to get ready and walk to the gym (because, of course, driving to the gym would be nonsense and I know all of us have done it at least once).

That’s why we have decided to gather some of the best workouts from our creators. Just think about what could be the most enjoyable and effective for you and start training!

The first thing you should think of is what part of your body you’d like to focus on. Miss Natalie Jill offers us a wide choice of different workouts for every body shape. Whether your goal is to have a perfectly flat stomach, trained legs or stronger arms, there’s always a right solution for you.

Some people, however, could much prefer spending training time in a more fun and active way. This is why dancing and fitness pair up so well. You can learn how to dance on latin music, hip hop or just go for the super popular zumba.

But what about those boring abs exercises? Well, you’ll find out that there are dozens of different types of them, you just have to find the one that suits you the most.

And if your aim is just to feel good and maybe lose some weight, well this Spanish girl will make you enjoy short daily training more than ever.

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