The hot new trend for deplatformed users seems to be hunkering down in, a social media platform that brands itself as “the world’s town square”. The site functions akin to Twitter, but with a strong hands off approach to the moderation angle. Users can get verified by sending their ID and a video of themselves over to Parler and get a badge on their profile in return (which got abused). There’s been a flurry of news pieces detailing numerous aspects where Parler falls short.

On July Parler seemed to be on the spotlight pretty frequently and that led me…

I did not want to write this, but yet here we are.

Fact checking is virtually a required necessity for consuming media off the Internet, even more in this day and age. Pair that with increasing layoffs in the news industry and this creates news pieces that might not be checked for accuracy, or worse, straight up taking rumors as fact.

One of the recent examples, one I’ve seen myself unfold in real time over the span of a couple of days, is the media saying that the GoPro HERO8 will have 4K 120FPS resolution. …

All hope is not lost!

You may have heard of a command to turn off the LCD screen on HERO5/HERO6/HERO7 cameras. It got some discussion on the official GoPro forums. It’s the same command to turn off the LCD and back on from the HERO4 Silver. Except, on the HERO4 Silver you could turn it back on from the front screen…. Oops.

So, you turned off the back screen on your camera, and now you want to turn it back on. After all, you cannot turn WiFi on or off from the front screen (Pro Tip: Press Left+Top buttons to turn on Dive Mode, you…

To shreds you say!?

Lately there is a notion of having old tweets, old photos, old FB posts deleted. Mainly because back then everyone expressed their true unfiltered thoughts like it’s no big deal. I don’t want to delete my old instagram photos because they are bad, I want to delete them because they are just bad.

Now, searching online there doesn’t appear to be a solution that fits my needs, some websites suggest using apps where you’d input your instagram credentials and the app does the rest. …

It happened. I upgraded from my beloved mid range phone to the brand new OnePlus 7. Let’s be honest here, unless you care about the camera or play games on your phone flagships are overrated these days. Mainly because THEY ARE GOING BACKWARDS! Look at the Samsung Note 4, waterproof, has a Micro SD slot, has a headphone jack, and a removable battery. What do we have now? $1000 pieces of junk with none of those, and cost 2x what the flagships used to cost 4 years ago. I can live without replaceable batteries (hence my choice for mid ranges…

There is a major shift in open source occurring now: free open source software is now essential to many industries, chains of supply and companies that their value is finally recognized monetarily.

Take a look at the recent feature unveiled by GitHub: sponsoring your favorite developer is now possible through the same platform they share code.

Although being paid for contributing to open source projects/develop a project in which the source code materials are publicly available is not new, the possibilities for creating good quality paid open source work is now bigger than ever, with GitHub sponsors, Liberapay, Patreon and…

Thinking about it, i haven’t had a proper vacation in a while. Sure I did not work full time for 2 months before landing the job I work now but I don’t count that as a vacation since I only traveled for my freelance work. Last time I took a ski trip for instance was during the Winter of 2015. And the last time I did not work or go to school for a prolonged period of time was in 2017.

Now that I live in Barcelona, with several ski spots relatively near me, and with a 1-week holiday in…

Telnet connecting via my existing WiFi network

GoPro released today a beta upgrade for the GoPro Fusion. The update adds 5.6K resolution at 24 FPS for video and timelapse video modes. Considering other 360 consumer cameras have 5.7K video such as the Insta 360 X camera or 5.8K in the Rylo 1 this is a welcomed improvement.

The beta update also has autoexec.ash enabled, which provides access to the Ambarella shell.

The steps to connecting the camera to an existing WiFi network are as follows:

  1. Create a file called wifi.conf in the SD card 1 (to the left of the camera viewing from the battery)
  2. Add your…

When GoPro announced a drone release was on the works, many people were caught off-guard, Woodman Labs is a camera company after all, but with a few clues it was becoming evident before that moment that the American camera company was entering a new territory, dominated by the Chinese drone manufacturer DJI SZ.

One tidbit of GoPro’s entrance into the UAV scene was when Ryan Goldstein was hired to work on the UAV department. But GoPro’s interest in drones goes back to 2013. DJI, a relatively small company back then was making and selling the Phantom 2, a consumer-grade UAV…

A DJI Mavic Pro drone.

Investigative and undercover journalists need maximum anonymity when out in the field, as well as when working and publishing content.

But the tools employed are lacking the risk protection and privacy needed. This is a guide to help minimize the exposure to 3rd parties when using commercial technology (like GoPro and DJI devices) to document highly sensitive content. Even though several journalists have called for camera manufacturers to include an encryption feature on their cameras actions have gone nowhere. This does not stop journalists from getting their data destroyed. By using consumer level technology one can pass under the radar.


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