How HTC could prevent drowning further by releasing a smartwatch

HTC sales aren’t going very well, the company lost 160M$ in Q2 earnings. The company now tries to get money in all the ways they can imagine, such as pushing ads of themes to Sense UI (their ui on One devices). It’s painful to watch how they try to get money, a redditor said.

To stay afloat, they could release a smartwatch. Sure, why not? Invest a ton and release a smartwatch that can barely compete with 1gen watches. No, a killer smartwatch: HTC could make the 2016 smartwatch killer, by putting cutting edge technology and a fair price. Get the premium metal from the M9, put it in a smart watch shell, put some bands in the package too, put android wear 5.1.1 in the watch, put a snapdragon 410, a 360x360 display with anti reflection, top notch connectivity mediums such as WiFi, NFC, GPS. Put a hexagonal battery, that makes it run longer than 2 days with ease. Put 520MB ram and 4 GBs ROM. Put a USB connector on the side with cover, put IP67 resistance.

Make two models: one round and one square.

That will sell like pancakes.

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