How to use GoPro Fusion on an unsupported device

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GoPro Fusion is <opinion>by far the best spherical camera available for consumers today</opinion>. Having 5.2k video frames allows for cropping to 1080p and extracting traditional video from anywhere in the spherical frame. Capture options such as angel view and stabilization ameliorate an already good camera.

The catch is Fusion, like many 360 cameras require powerful hardware in order to render spherical content. GoPro offers their video extraction feature OverCapture on the GoPro Android app as well, but in order to even connect and view stills/videos from the Fusion the device needs to be supported. These are GoPro’s supported devices

The list of Android devices that are supported does not cover all of the flagships and equally-capable devices out there, GoPro probably cannot buy all of the Android flagships every year and test each one with the Fusion. So if you have a high end Android smartphone that is not supported (HTC U11, U Ultra, OnePlus 5, LG G6, Huawei P10/20/Mate 10 Pro, Sony Xperia XZ…) this might allow for using the Fusion capabilities on your smartphone.

This is not recommended for budget phones!

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with GoPro, its under your responsibility the consequences of making the following modifications. This is not supported or endorsed by GoPro. Proceed with caution.

Note as of 11/13: Thanks to GoPro Modder you can run the APK on any phone! Tested on Mi A1 and Fusion 1.

Tools needed:

  • apktool

Get the script:

Go to gopro-modder and download the repository.

Make sure patch and apktool are installed!

Then download the GoPro App from a reputable source like APKMirror or extract it from your device.

Make sure the version is compatible! Compatible versions:

GoPro v4.5.2 (APKMirror)

GoPro v5.0 (APKMirror)

Then run ./ with the following parameters:

./ -i [original gopro APK] -k [key] -n [key name] -o [modded apk out]

  • -i is the name of the unmodified GoPro APK, fro APKMirror/device/etc…


Push the modified apk to your phone, install the app and pair with your Fusion camera.

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Left: unmodified GoPro app Right: modified GoPro app.

Remember that GoPro App updates will not install due to being signed with a different key.

Individual 1.

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