Its that time of the year again… Again?

Konrad Iturbe
Sep 6, 2018 · 2 min read
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My Hero5… time for an upgrade? Source: me.

When things leak. I took down my original article, because of the images infringing GoPro’s copyright. My original article had a piece of bad information thus this newer updated article.

New features tagged as [NEW]

Release date: September 28, event + pre-order will be on September 20.

HERO7 Black:

  • Video resolution: 4K60, 2.7K 120, 1440p120, 1080p 240 (same as Hero6)
  • 12 MP stills
  • Based on Hero6 GP1 processor, but with an internal optimization
  • Same shape, same battery, same frame as Hero5/6
  • [NEW] TimeWARP video
  • [NEW] Live streaming function to Facebook Live
  • [NEW] Hypersmooth stabilization provides gimbal-like stabilization, probably better than the Hero6
  • [NEW] HDR (I’m guessing proper 3bracket HDR)
  • [NEW] Portrait orientation: Similar to smartphones it rotates the UI + pictures.
  • [NEW] Photo timer mode
  • [NEW] 15/30 second short videos
  • Other features (same as Hero6): touch screen, front LCD screen, auto backup, Quik Stories, GoPro Plus, 5GHZ Wifi, voice control
  • Price: 399 USD

HERO7 Silver:

  • Video resolution: 4K 30FPS, 1440p 60/30, 1080p 60
  • [NEW] New UI for back screen, modes have “toggles” for various functions (eg: video has toggles for resolution, FOV, slow motion and zoom). UI has been simplified, with menus having circles for toggles, as seen in the FCC document
  • Fixed battery
  • Non-removable lens
  • Rear screen only
  • 10MP stills
  • GPS
  • WideDynamicRange
  • Stabilization (not as good as H7Black)
  • Portrait orientation
  • Aforementioned short videos
  • Photo timer
  • Voice control
  • Price: 299 USD

HERO7 White:

  • Video resolution: 1440p 60/30, 1080p 60/30
  • Fixed battery
  • Non-removable lens
  • Rear screen only
  • 10MP stills
  • Stabilization (2axis)
  • Short videos
  • Portrait orientation
  • Photo timer
  • Voice control
  • Price: 199 USD

Sources: US FCC, Austin Mittelstadt, Amazon.

Timeline: 09/07 — added sources, portrait explanation, new UI.

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