Creation of creative murals for the interior

Creation of creative murals for the interior. Absolutely any interior can be transformed with the help of wall painting.

Artistic and graffiti painting of walls: Moved to a new office? Around the white one-color walls, I want something interesting, bright and memorable. Order the development of the design layout of the painting taking into account your wishes and painting on the wall in KONREAL Creative and original solutions for interior design.

We represent the process of painting on the wall for the company “NOONA WORLD” realizing the original parts of Nond and Acura in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Painting on the wall “Disintegrating Honda NSX” — from the outline sketch to the detail.

Want to decorate the office space, decorate the interior with murals? Depending on the objectives, you can develop a monochrome, one-color or color painting. Wall painting and graffiti decoration can be made on different surfaces: plasterboard partition, plaster, brick wall, concrete wall.

Wall painting can perfectly match with different interior styles. Choose and develop for you a variety of themes for artistic decoration of the office interior, apartment, cottage or a separate wall in the room.

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