Meeting with “Emeis”

For our project, we (George Siniorakis, Maria Vasilakou, Marietta Liea) had a meeting at Impact Hub with Christos Thanou, one of the people behind the initiative of “Emeis” team. During our session, we discussed about the nature of their team and what does it exactly stand for. He told us that the spirit behind their idea was to make art accessible to everyone. The team was created by people who are occupied on theatre and devote their life in the name of the art. Initially, they came up with the idea of this team because they wished to act more independently, without the need of middlemen and to share their passion and talent indiscriminately. Christos narrated to us the progress since the establishment of “Emeis” and mentioned the team’s actions. One of the most popular, is the festival “Our Festival”, in which artists combine their powers with Halandri district and organise a line of cultural events, open to the general public. Due to the event’s resonance, in conjuction with their desire for exclusive occupation with the team, arised the thought of changing politics as far as administration and income are concerned. So, the urge of finding economic support was emerged. Also, Christos expressed the need for a stable place, in which the team would be able to make rehearsals, give performances and accomodate exhibitions. Ideally, this place would be accessible to all sections, it would be easy to reach for people with disabilities and include wheelchair facilities, as well as technical support for deaf and blind people. To sum up, “Emeis” team’s greatest challenges at the moment, in which we intend to provide help, are communication, sustainability and consistency.

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