SDG: What’s this and how it links to our challenge “Urban Green”?

By the acronym “SDG”, we are referring to the Sustainable Development Goals, a list of global goals created and delivered by United Stations and approved by 194 member states. The Official Agenda for Sustainable Development constists of 92 paragraphs which discuss and analyze further the nature of these goals and their targets. The officially set goals amount to 17 and they negotiate for matters of poverty, hunger, health and well-being, education, gender equality, clean water, climate change and many more. During the composition of “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”, a final document adopted at the UN Sustainable Development Summit September 25–27, 2015 in New York, a series of proposed targets were provided.

Out of the above goals, we chose to dedicate our work (Basilis Filipakopoulos, Christina Koromila, Elpiniki Primou, Panayotis Reppas, Iakobos Vlachos)on climate change. We found the task of defending nature’s sustainability one of the most challenging and urgent on the list, as the climate change and the desruction of forests and ecosystems affect us all. We also came up to the conclusion that in Greece, ecological actions are not taken into consideration consciously, neither are promoted by any type of social media. After a long talk with an activist friend, who expressed his dislike on the Greek approach and the inadequate update about environmental programmes such as reforestations, movements that prevent endangered species’ enstiction, beach cleanings etc, we were inspired to think of a practical solution. We conducted a research in which we asked people whether they would be interested to participate on such projects. Surprisingly, most young people not only showed interest but also seemed willing to take part on these actions, if they were notified. So, not being ultra informed arised once again as a discouraging factor. And that’s when we firstly thought of “Urban Green”, an application that would facilitate activists, collecting and accessing them to a list of environmental events not just nearby them, but all over Greece too. The app will create a personal activity calendar for every user, so that everything will be neat and regularly updated. We consider co-operating with official organizations like WWF, Greenpeace and Archelon. Our app, will be equipped with mini fun games with a humorous twist that by being played, the user will earn points and will level up gradually. Some levels will have surprises and gifts for our users. We hope that the game aspect will make the experience of our app pleasurable and will attract people who are less into activism but wish to take action. Ending up, apart from creating a helpful platform, one of our long term goals to be mentioned is to be capable of organizing our own events of that nature.

Thanks for reading:)