The Global Implications of VKontakte’s New Music Licenses
Bas Grasmayer

Great analysis! 
Just to clarify some points, actually VK Messenger is already the most popular (or one of the most, according to different researches) messenger in Russia. Just to compare: in 2015 users were sending 5 bn messages in VK daily, and 60 bn messages in FB Messenger + Whatsapp. The difference is that FB and Whatsapp are used worldwide, and VK only in Runet (~90M daily users).

Besides that, Odnoklassniki recently introduced its own messenger. So I don’t think that Group is unaware of this worldwide messenger trend.

They also have their own “version” of Instagram —

Odnoklassniki recently introduced transactions between users all over the world, so I guess it’s just a matter of time when Group transfer this technology into


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