Mastering Your B2B Sales Process

Konstantin Klyagin

“How do you sell?” or “Where do you find customers?” is the question I’m asked the most often. The answer is pretty simple. There is no better sales tool than doing your job the best you can. Just that. With current clients, potential prospects and casual visitors.

Treating All the Channels

Happy clients are the most valuable asset a business can have. And when they recommend you — it is a peak of inbound efforts and the most easily converting sales channel possible, also known as a word of mouth. Almost every other possible way of attracting leads is built around the success stories of your wins. Even cold messaging stick to the groundwork of perfecting output for those who are in cooperation with you.

Generally, we’re more likely to buy from someone already trusted by a friend, especially in B2B where the comfort of working with your vendor is key. The downside of this channel is that it’s not scalable. It grows very slowly but steadily provided your agency’s performance is consistently good.

Second in importance channel is marketing activities that bring prospects. People who contact you via phone or the website with a specific task are already warm leads for your business. You don’t need to explain why they need you. There is already a project to be done. Normally they contact multiple companies, but the fact you got their interest is that you have done well on SEO, SMM, presentation, and content. From the moment they contact you onwards, the probability of closing a deal depends on your sales team. However, there is one very important metric: response time.

Speeding for Good

Once a prospect sent you a question via the contact form on your website it is critically important to provide them with feedback in a swift manner. Actually, the answer shall be delivered instantly as you have to make hay while the sun shines. It would be quite conceited to believe that the visitor will be waiting for your reaction lastingly.

You can spend all the money in the world on marketing, buy all possible articles to promote web-presence of your business, purchase platinum context advertisement and so on. But if there is a lazy salesforce on the board — it’s all in vain. No matter if we are talking about water delivery, home appliances sales, or software products development services — response time is crucial. A successful company is always up to any possible answers/questions/queries of prospects.

Succeeding with Sales Potion

Our recipe here is simple: we scripted predictable and basic answers and covered all the technologies, industries and project types we work with. It allowed us to minimize running around the office for a consultation with the tech people to give general information to the prospect. So, our sales team is ready to provide needed information concerning the services in a few minutes. Such information shall be delivered promptly via every single available channel — phone calls, mailbox, messengers, whatsoever. Underestimating the importance of this issue may cost you clients.

Once we see a delay in response reaction — that’s a signal to overview the process, update the scripts or do another round of know-how for the sales team. Because right after the speed, comes the quality of answers. If a visitor comes to your page, he most probably wants to get a solution and clear answer on how you can deliver it. You gotta’ be ready to give what they want and in pretty wrapping.

Learning from Your Failures

It’s inexpedient to waste budgets for marketing & advertising to tout the website and get top positions in Google; and once the visitor is on your page, he meets maze UI, broken contact form or out of service number. Functional flaws, like any other issues, lead to financial skittle out result.

No one is immune to failure, but everyone is able to create a troubleshoot script that allows fixing problem in ASAP way. Fires and floods at data centers, global privacy policy updates or just a missed semicolon in code, every digital entity experiences website malfunctioning here and there. Redwerk’s website is not an exception. But we constantly monitor the work of our site performance and fix it on the go. With this approach, we minimized the potential clients’ loss. Moreover, we analyzed the nature and reason of the problem and took steps to prevent the same issues in the future. Learning on mistakes is a healthy part of wellbeing. And business life as well.

Your business can easily and is likely to lose the prospect for the suspended response time. And that is not just because potential customers are spoiled by the A-class services from your market competitors, or because they are too Lordly to give another waiting minute. It is just you weren’t attentive enough.

Just like most people, I use filtered water to drink and cook. To optimize my time, I decided to subscribe to the delivery, so no need for shopping carousel. I’ve made a quick surf on best providers, followed to their website, made an order through the contact form. Immediately, I was notified by the service that they’ll get in touch with me in a couple of minutes. Two days are gone — silence. As you probably guessed, I found another vendor.

This is a practical example of how paramount it is for businesses to develop a quick response culture. It concerns any industry, and IT is not an exception.

Doing Cold-Calling Right

Speaking of cold messaging, last but not the least sales channel, it is much simpler. Still, requires a responsible attitude. The main secret here is to create personalized selling texts for emails or whatever communication channel, like SMS and messengers. The text shall provide prospects with the maximum of useful information and looks pretty. No grammar mistakes. Eye-catching sight. Don’t be lazy to spend some time on fine makeup.

I often receive different emails from consulting agencies that offer their services. In most cases, I simply can’t see what is their value for my agency. They just don’t outline it. As a rule, I get a depeche with price-list and ode of how cool THEY are. But not a single word about why ME can be interested in a partnership:

Bad cold calling in action

Want to emphasize here that according to the marketing research, only 1% of cold calls lead to an arrangement of meeting with a potential client. The further the more, less than 1% of cold emails get a response. Hence, I consider this channel as an auxiliary but not the primary one, and ask my sales to do a proper mailing or calling if there are no hot clients on the agenda.

Sales is a kind of science, so don’t neglect to study it well and throw experiments from time to time. Knowledge is power and no one would share a perfect receipt. Understand your consumers and their needs in order to offer the optimal presentation. And don’t forget to ask yourself:

If I were a customer who is looking for a service that I provide — would I make a purchase via my website? Am I able to give prospects what they are searching for along their e-journey funnel?


How is your sales process built? Do you think that answering speed matters?

Konstantin Klyagin

Written by

Founder and CEO @ Redwerk — helping companies achieve success through technology Traveler, language-learning and drone-flying enthusiast

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