Honey, it’s not what it looks like... Keep calm and keep reading!

Coming in London mid of September 2017 or 1000+1 nights ago (do the math I dare you little devil) I didn’t know what to expect.

You can always base your expectations on other people's opinions and experiences, but nothing compares to your real-life personal experience.

Selfie_ing on the London Eye — Rumor has it that London skies aren’t always that blue though :P

So how is it living in London as an ex-pat?

But let me give you a closer glimpse and try to tickle your…

Interviewing the captain behind VeeselBot’s ship wheel, Constantinos Komodromos.

Photo by Robert Penaloza on Unsplash

Internet of things (IoT) and digitalization era is upon us!

No worries though! Keep calm and keep reading — NOT another AI_IRobot_doomsday article lying ahead.

All industries will be (if not already) forced to evolve and adapt or be left behind, outdated and eventually fade out, be replaced or perish in the dustbin of history.

The shipping industry is no exception!

Evolve or Die Trying

But evolution is good no? I mean think about it for a sec.

If it wasn’t for evolution, I wouldn’t be able to write on a keyboard right now or reach out to you via multiple media available these…

Meeting the people that helped me have a warm headstart in my life in London.

Finding a nice place to rent in London used to be a great hustle. Not anymore!

Read on for my story of renting for the very first time and for some entrepreneurial pieces of advice coming from three young startup founders.

My Homies at Homie HQ premises in Central London

It was back in late summer when I was just starting research for renting a house in London, due to an imminent move to the metropolitan city.

I remember getting frustrated with the various emails and calls I had to make with all kinds of real estate agents, from all over the various areas and zones in the city…

Christmas is coming, n’est ce pas?

I had just booked flying tickets for my Christmas holidays back home.

And then it happened!

Home / Piraeus / Greece — November in Greece be like…

My best friend called me from Athens and told me he was making arrangements for his birthday party coming in two weeks time!

I responded that having already booked for Christmas I couldn’t make it this time, sadly!

We hang up…

I knew I was lying to myself! I couldn’t miss that!

An all-present gathering of the most beloved friends. All in one single place. For a specific happy celebration. For one of the dearest. In a nice…

Gosh! It’s been two months already!

It seems like yesterday when I was leaving Athens, mid September, when it was still summery and now here we are… Christmas is Coming!

Regent Street London — Christmas is here!

Disclaimer as always: Forgive my non-native English. This is leisure, not a Cambridge speech, for Her Majesty’s s(h)ake!

Time can be many things in the same…time!

It can be an asset, it can be a healer, it can be a friend when on your side or an enemy when against you! One thing is certain…


Oxford Circus — Light Up the Child in You

~There he goes again… At first, it was 3 ways to blah blah blah…
~Now it’s 4 ways!

…Am thinking of the next ‘5 ways’ post as we speak, you sneaky reader, wait for it!

Oh, come on… Just teasing you! As ‘ALL’-ways !

Disclaimer: Forgive my non-native English… This is leisure, not a Cambridge speech, for Her Majesty’s s(h)ake!

But we are all here for a reason right? Let’s dive into it!

While modern life and city rhythms can be stressful and hectic sometimes, YOU don’t have to live that way! …

Carnaby London

Disclaimer as always: Forgive my non-native English... This is leisure, not a Cambridge speech, for Her Majesty s(h)ake!

Leaving your city/country of birth for coming to London, or any other city to be fair, can be a harsh decision, even for the more rational ones, amongst us.

Don’t get me wrong here, no drama intended! No “missing the old days”, or “missing my besties” talking! Promise!

Go bold or go home!

Just stating the facts here! One has to leave behind his whole…

Well, here I am.. A Greek (half Cypriot) in London..

No big news.. There are many of us here (both nationalities)!

I just got in the metropolitan city the previous month for work.

Disclaimer n.1: Forgive my nonnative english.. This is leisure, not a Cambridge speech, for Her Majesty’s s(h)ake!

Used to go to the gym back in my country. You know.. all that deadlifts, squats, bench presses etc. Splashing more plates on the bar was our favorite game back then.

Classic Arnold staff :P

When I finally settled in my new house, I went out .. em.. not literally…

Konstantinos Bogis

📖Memento Mori — Carpe Diem — Amor Fati📖

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