Refer-a-Friend and Get Money Back

get money back and store manager free

Have purchased Store Manager for Magento and would like to return the money you have spent? You’ve got such an opportunity! Offer our product to your friends and order it within one month from the date of your purchase, we will return your money back!

Everyone loves to get stuff free. That’s why, we are running refer-a-friend promo during which you can get back the money you have spent on Store Manager and use the application free!
Invite your friends, family, partners or clients to buy Store Manager for Magento till 31 of May and return money you have spent on the application!

How to get your money back?

  1. Make sure you have ordered Store Manager for Magento PRIMARY license recently at our site ( or ).

You need to have Store Manager for Magento purchased less than 30 days on the moment when you cope with the promo.

2. Create your personal unique referral link to our software using this example:

So if your are John Doe, your personal referral link you have to use is:

3. Recommend Store Manager for Magento (Primary licese) to your friends and invite them to purchase it, sending the link (created using above example). Share your opinion on the software, tell how it might be useful to make them interested in the application.

You can send an e-mail, post it to your Facebook, Google+, Linkedin or Twitter account or just simply copy and paste the personal referral URL and send it along however you choose. There are lots of ways to participate — choose any you like.

4. If any of your friends purchase Store Manager using your personal link within 30 days from your original order date, you will get your money back. Each sale will bring you 20% back to your account. Please note, for the sale to count your friends have to purchase Primary license of Store Manager (additional licenses, addons and services are not taken into account)

5. 30 days after your original order was placed contact us and get your money returned.

What do Your Friends Have to Do?

All your friends have to do is purchase Store Manager software through your personal referral link and provide you order ID so you could keep track of sales you’ve made.

Rewards/Money-Back You Can Get

Every purchase of Store Manager made by your friend returns you 20% from the total you have paid for your copy of the software.
For example, if you have managed to get 2 separate sales from your friends, you will get 40% of your order total returned to your account.
In case you have made 5 or more sales during 30-day period from the date of your original purchase, you will return full amount (100%) of the total you have paid for Store Manager license.

For F.A.Q. and details please visit source: