It’s a Monday morning. Its the start. I’m already stuck in the future. Fourteen.

Let’s walk it back. A time travel of sorts. That would be fun, wont it? Like watching a horror movie in the reverse. Weird. But it still stays a horror movie. Fourteen.

Sometimes we all wish we could fast forward through the scary bits of time. The absolute nerve-racking ones. The exams of life. The fire trials. When we have to prove in the contrary, not that we know something, rather that we at least know something. Fourteen.

Seven in Fourteen. Half life. Being undergrad, what could be sweeter than procrastination. Of course its the beginning of the semester, I say, I will study a month to.Then fourteen days to, then fourteen hours to... now… it is fourteen minutes!

All is not lost. At least I have something better to do. I convince my self. Something like… like writing this post… like reading all the other posts I can get my hands on in this moment… like, Fourteen!

zero chills
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