Day 30.

If I were any wiser I'd title this 'What I've learned in 30 days straight of a workout challenge'. But, I have felt more than I have learned.

How to Eat your frogs

Today marks the 30th day of pure commitment. A commitment to wake up every single morning at five to do, perhaps, the hardest thing in my day. A stunt.

In the beginning, the first two days... I totally hated the routine. I didn’t know I’d last a week. Then the week turned into two...on the third one, I started thinking... Maybe, for the first time in my life, I’m actually going to finish something. Here I am. I haven’t died, have I?
Everyday when the going got tough.. when I was feeling like throwing up my hands and saying f** this... a mantra I have read somewhere would come to the your frogs first, the mantra. Eat your frogs first. Swallow them whole. Don’t leave even the tail behind. _and frogs have no tails.

It never is meant to be easy.

I was lucky to stumble upon this structured app. A tutorial of sorts. With the daily challenges, broken into small simple tasks like '30 sit-ups, 45 mountain climbers or maybe just 12 push ups... It promised to be easy. No. Easy? Hell is that! Easy is for normal people...I know I can safely say this because you aren't average. If you are, attack me. Throw a stone at me for calling you average. Average person!

Jeez, it's five, Again!

To highlight, the challenge is not as much in doing the motions than in the waking up. The dawns. What I have found out is that if I can wake up... tune my mind to derive some happiness in the process of early rising, then everything else becomes fun. I can do anything. I can be anyone. A man has no limits. Also, a side note....I do find solace, a little bit of broadside fun, in knowing I can sleep through whatever boring lecture I it would be the end of life! Smh.

Mind over body. Mind over matter.

I'm the skinny type, tall and lanky. Hello there team...I know they call you a ruler _a literal ruler for taking length measurements, not like the royalty you are... If only they knew_, 6.4. 
In the 30 days, I've done in the excess of 1600 push-ups, 2000 skips and close to 500 crunches. I can't claim to see much difference in my outward physique. I bought a wall mirror. If anything, muscle and girth never was the original goal. Okay, okay... I too, absolutely, would love some abs and a broader chest. A chisel jaw and a thick neck. I admit... I sometimes, in a bathroom with the door locked and barraged, flex my biceps.. a prototype of a proper man arm. hah.

Reasons of sorts. The take away.

The reason I'm writing this. The reason I'm sharing this. The real motive I had I have achieved. These manifest in various ways, especially in these three.

The Confidence. Hello there.

I'm Luo and I am proud. Here. More than any other time in my life, I am more confident. I stand taller. I have spoken and interacted with more people and situations than I'd have thought myself capable of.. I have risen.

The Focus. Clarity.

I challenge myself to be present. To focus and deliver. If I can do 50 pushes, I can write my daily tasks down. I can think of my ambitions and what I want to do with my life. I can articulate. I can begin and complete a project. I can learn to code. I, can be happy.

The Resilience. A raw deal?

30 days is a long time. 30 days is enough time to betray, arrest, crucify and confirm Jesus has risen. 30 days, enough time to develop a new habit. While it's hard, painful even, it's the picking from the process that is most wonderful. The lesson of resilience. The lesson of keeping on when keeping on sounds like a death trap. The lesson of pushing harder. The lesson of life.

This is not the end. Or the beginning of the end..To the contrary... It is the beginning of a bright new future. The future. I will meet you there.

Today is the thirtieth day. Tonight, the moon shall definitely shine brighter. The sun,, well the sun knows no god.

I shall be here in my corner. I... Well, I shall be thinking, wishing, yearning even, that you could share the story of your life with me. I am J, you know, the no one.