they are here, they are watching us — the great experiment.

A great silence in a time of space. The Fermi Paradox.

A posal of the question of the probability that we are the only intelligent species in the universe. Do we have neighbors? If we do, where are they? Are we really alone?!

I ask myself these questions. What is the implication of us, man, having the ability to ponder such questions?

To think well beyond our realm and conjure up new dreams. A common dream for the betterment of all mankind. New milestones for the development of as yet known, the greatest civilization and intelligence in the universe.

The great filter.

Are we beyond it? Is it even a thing? Aha! For the first time in known and recorded history, the history of life, a specie is capable to self-destruct. Will we implode? Annihilate all that we have built, loved and seen as good. The beauty of intelligence. The mystery of conscience. MAD.

I keep looking up. Up past the sky. Not into space but into the future. Man craves space. Man explores space. Man devises plans to conquer space. Ambitious plans…watch space X and the mars mission. With the release this video detailing the plan of the journey to mars, I am totally sold for the idea. Soon, very soon… we are going multi-planetary. Man, I’m in love with being a live!

The thing.

All was well. All was good. All was life. Yet it was all just but a chance!

What does it mean for you, me, to be alive? Alive today! Why now and not a century in the future. The past? Did we time travel from the past. What is it that we mean to humanity? What are you to your brother, yes, beyond being a brother? How about that stranger you met today. Who are they to you, just a stranger?

Ask yourself, are you just blip. An insignificant occurrence in space-time and existence… Could you be here for a greater reason?

You believe in God. What is his reason for putting you in this beautiful rock called earth, giving you the life and the time to read this!

If man is sending signals to our siblings in space, this is my call to you and a reminder to myself. Ask questions. Get a reason for existence. Be the beauty of existence.

You, are life.

Some really interesting reads on the Fermi paradox

  1. Wait but Why — by Tim Urban
  2. SETI Institute — Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence.
  3. Nobel biography on Enrico Fermi , you know, the scientist!

These are my wonderings in the night. Thoughts stemming from understanding and misunderstanding. Questions. Of seeking to know more, yet knowing that I can never know all..Of seeking a purpose. A mission. All we seek is survival. Life, is but life and death.

Oh, and, we are aliens. — have a wonderful existence

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