Here and Real.

The perfect existence, not when you get fulfilment from others, but when you are the source of blessing to those around you.

I sit at the back of the room, silent, watching. I see them all. I see it all. I see everything.

The faces, the expressions. The excitement and the arguments. The clueless. The hopeful.

This must be it…this must be life.

I’ve known these people, my friends, for quite some time. This is the fourth year. Four years of common struggle. Four years of being there, here, for each other. Four years, a community.

I’d like to think that I know them, but I don’t.

Who are they? Deep down, the individual level. What is hidden beneath the commonality…. What does she stand for? Him? What does he dream of….I wonder.

It matters, and it doesn’t.

One thing, today we are here. I can only try to imagine tommorow. When today is no longer here. What will he be. Where will she be… will tommorow be any better because of this moment. This exact moment!

Stay visible. Stay struggling. Stay winning.
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