Resolves. The Weekly Review.


It’s yet another fine morning, and your weekly delivery is here.

Having accomplished a bit of last week’s goals, and more of entertainment than I would care to admit, it’s time to regret. Oh, and a time to set some more new goals. For the week.

I have to write about this. Of course this is me somewhat being egocentric, but I’m going to use these posts as a not so chronological diary. Of my failures and mishaps. Of my doubts, fear and misadventures. Of my dreams and ambitions.

Why? For the watch!

Back to the week. Resolves.

  • I’ll be starting a codecademy Python class from Thursday. Git hub link and updates on later posts.
  • I’m dedicating strict 2 hours per day to work on a very very fun project, NaiMotion, which is currently getting…. Nowhere!
  • Another two hours of code. Project personal website. That would be awesome.
  • …. The rest are classified.😎 ☺

Honestly, in the past few months, I’ve come to realize that we all have the greatest of personal dreams. Dreams that we let slip by. My motivation? I don’t have much. But my continued consumption of thousands of words from Medium posts, Quora, Ted and just about anything else not Instagram or Snapchat confirms just that … we are not alone in our struggles. What we do to about it is what matters. For now share your inspiration. Your weekly goals. Or even the daily set.

Get pumped. And work the shit towards that seemingly unreachable goal.
Zig Ziglar

Link me up and we might just get a fun project to work on:

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Always remember to have a great day ~ Jodom.

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