Thought and Snippets of thought.

“The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.” — Neil deGrasse Tyson

_As a man thinketh.

We live in a world of implanted opinions. Opinions that we think we own, yet are but borrowed thoughts of the 'wise' we subscribe to. Well, really, if we can believe we have the same ideas or understanding of a subject, one of us must have listened quite well to the other. Or, we both just love the same shit. You know; movies, books, novels, music, porn? There. You listen to me. So I wonder...can I influence you?

_A man is what a man consumes.

In a world of so much color and pomp, if you read too many engineering books, you become one, an Engineer. If you dig into medical or law books, you become just that, a doctor or a lawyer. As such the pattern goes. If you open enough computer and geeky content up against your face... haha, you are become a computer!
Or just a programmer. A developer ninja with what can be termed the modern day superpowers. Imagine the Wright's when they first took flight. And man was in awe. Fascinating.This is why I have started reading finance books... Not that I want to be come a banker...urgh!

_In reaching for our ambitions.

Twisting things on their heads, let's talk about our own egos. And heads… What are we really? Last week I tried to answer the cliche interview question, "tell us about yourself."
Within a half minute of ranting to a panel, I found myself using the phrase 'self taught' a couple times.
In retrospect, playback time, I started wondering what the hell I actually meant. What is 'self-taught' when I can so directly attribute what I know...well, what I think I know, to hundreds if not thousands of hours of free content!

_All was good, until I tasted the BS in it.

In your head, you have reruns of past conversations. Know that we are with you. The dumb. Scientists with their many conspiracy theories suggest that this group, we, are supposed to be slightly less dumb than the rest of the populi. I don't subscribe. Do you? Trust no one.

Back to the story, I question, why do we attach so much meaning to our titles? You are a teacher, what is that supposed to mean. Is it supposed to make you important in some way? Is it a mask. A profession for you to hide behind? I know about standards. That for us to communicate, we have to call certain people, and ourselves, a something. That it is the norm. Why is it the norm?

A man is nothing but a question.

A question to humanity.

To you I ask... What are you beyond the titles. Beyond what you are, or what you are studying to become. If, just like a typewriter, a diskette and a telegram, society looses its value of your acclamations, what then do you become?

_A man becomes wet, if a man stands long enough in the rain.
…and it was all in my head. Meaningless.