the art of wasting time without regretting it.

Ten thousand things to do, A million ways to fail before you die… who says you have to start right away?

These past weeks I’ve figured out a way to completely rubbish any principles of productivity, all those lessons telling us to keep cracking, to keep hacking and to just keep working.

I have devised a way to optimize. Wait, before you take the next sentence as another line to add to your list of ‘100 ways to be Smarter, Faster and Better’ let me finish… I have found just the perfect how to, the perfect way for wasting time.

Ten hours of sleep? Eight or six? Hah! A million awesome movies to watch! Who says you cant tuck in for just one more episode?

Tell me how you would burn through a third of your precious day, in the name of sleep.

Talk to me about that, when, I have Raymond Reddington back in my life. No think about this… Think about all the Fantastic Beasts we could be looking for in that time.

If I’ve had to innovate a way through productivity this week, its probably how quickly I can switch from hunting bugs, writing python code like parcel-tongue, assigning background-color: rainbow, to — yes, that proverbial one more episode.

Lesson will always be learnt, I should share with you: never waste time regretting the time you’ve already wasted.

As they say, dawa ya moto ni moto.

this image is not real. please ignore it — J