Features of Streetwear

Born out of Los Angeles surf culture, streetwear fashion is a grassroots movement that is difficult to define. Like many fashion trends, you just know it when you see it. For the most part, street fashion means casual, comfortable clothes that mimic the look of luxury, limited-edition styles. There are multiple features you can look at for identifying unisex clothing. If you are trying to capture the laid-back essence of this look, here are a few ways to do it.

Tight Fit Verses Oversized

Part of this essential look is to not overdo it on tightly fitted clothes. If you still want to wear skinny jeans, pair them with an oversized shirt, sweater or jacket. If you have a fitted top you can’t let go of, go for loose pants that hang properly at your waist but don’t outline your body. You can also layer a fitted top with some that is looser. While the patterns and text used in streetwear is often loud and in-your-face, any sexual appeal tends to be subtler. You can buy different kinds of streetwear online.

Mix It Up With Active Wear

When you emulate popular street fashion, you want to strike a balance between presentation and comfort. While you want to avoid looking like you are heading to the gym, a sweatshirt or ballcap is enough to dress down your appearance without looking frumpy. Active-wear logos are another way to dress down a fancy outfit in a streetwear way. Look through your wardrobe to find pieces you can use in multiple ways to create a personal look.

The DIY Screen Print

One way to give your look a unique element that feels limited-edition is with a simple screen print. Take any of your current streetwear with a mostly-solid backdrop and add an image of your favorite 1950’s actress or an obscure quote. The clothing does not need to be entirely one color, a block or stripe of something complimentary just adds to the unique feel of this DIY trick. If you want to layer multiple prints and colors, try using a computer program to see what it will look like ahead of time.

Unisex Accessories

Streetwear also prides itself in being unisex, so no matter where you lie on the gender spectrum, look for simple accessories appropriate for anyone. Clunky chains with little to no ornaments on them work as necklaces or when wrapped around a cap. Create a one-of-a-kind belt by repurposing the tie of an old trench coat or tying together some fabric scraps. Neckties can also be used in creative ways like making ballet-like ties for your shoes or a headband.

Emulating street fashion takes some thought but is easy to pull off. If you do it right, you can repurpose clothes you currently own to fit this unique style. Loose-fitting clothing is the most common for this look, along with simple, neutral backdrops featuring a splash of color. Your clothes can be even more unique if you add some personalized DIY elements. Accessories play a large role as well, so look online for inspiration for your streetwear look.

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