An Artist Social Medium Experiment:
Get Him To MoMA

Until now I have been a bit off put by social media with regard to the Visual Arts. in my opinion it has been inundated by the mediocre and abundant theft of intellectual property. Copyright has been wholly ignored by major social media outlets who have only in face value attempted to address it.

I am going out on a limb and with this new campaign attempting to utilize social media in an effort to gain entry into various galleries and museums with my art. One of which is MoMA.

This campaign requires the participation of many people to share the following image QR code wherever and with whomever. This experiment in using QR codes permits me to track how many times and where the initiated connection is made geographical. I’m not tracking the who, but the where and when.

It’s an exciting experiment with social media and I am hopeful it catches on and spreads like a brush fire in a fertile and dry landscape. The only victim in this endeavor will be the onslaught of seeing my image in a variety of places… in that case just relax and try to go about your business.


Feel free to take the image and share digitally; print; post; stick, but I only ask that you administer good taste in doing so, then photograph where you took the image and share that on your social media hubs of choice. Report back to this article or visit any one of my social media accounts and post it there.

Art of Koogz






Remember to post in good taste and have fun. This is more about sharing and not deface public property. Be respectful.

Use your imagination!Are there any other galleries or museums you would love to see my art in? Join this social media challenge and be a part of change by way of social media!

QR Code Reader (iOS)

Later in this experiment I will be looking into providing media such as Stickers; Cards; etc. to share with those on request, and or for download and printable options. Contact me with suggestions and or questions.

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