My Cool New App Smule

Recently I came across the coolest smartphone app called Smule which I never would have thought I would ever use or thought could become the biggest part of my free time. A friend of mine told me about this app because he knows that I love singing and I’m a big fan of Karaoke when I go out. Three things I love about this Karaoke app are 1) I can pick songs from a huge online catalog of hits, 2) I can create original songs or “freestyle” to background music that already exists, and 3) I can collaborate with other singers from all around the globe and do duets or even get together a whole singing group.

With this app I can sing songs, record them, and then post them on my Smule blog profile, which allows me to scale that kind of content. It’s very quick to post or share any song which I have recorded, and people can sing with me Karaoke-style or join in recording a song with me from anywhere in the world where they have an internet connection. I found it very cool that people could sing my favorite song with me from anywhere on earth on any device, record it, then “hashtag” it and share it on all kinds of social media including the Smule blog itself, the same way you would share a selfie or a video on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

For that reason I am super excited for the future of the Smule app, and I am seeing big potential for it because young people such as myself (Millenials) seem to love this kind of stuff, as well as being part of a like-minded community that spans the globe. Smule allows you to record any kind of song and share your recording of your own voice singing your own original song or someone else’s hit. Smule’s tagline is, “The World’s First Karaoke Radio With People All Over the World.” The ease of using this product and also the concept behind it makes me very excited for what it can be as a platform. My unique singing can be done on Smule and then I merely forward it all over the world and also to my local friends on the Smule blog. I can use this platform for fun, as a hobby, or it can even become the base from where I can create my own content and ignite my own professional singing career. Maybe I can be discovered this way and become famous one day (LOL)! I am very excited about this opportunity to have a platform to create songs, sing other people’s songs by myself or with friends (from anywhere), and share what I’ve recorded with people all over the world. Please let me know your thoughts if you enjoy singing as much as I do…or if you’re a music producer looking for new talent