Types of cooling tower and its Benefits

We can find many types of cooling tower and its benefits are many. First we understand what is a cooling tower exactly is.

Types of cooling tower and its Benefits

It is a construction commonly made of either concrete steel or FRP being very user friendly and longlasting. The use of a Cooling Tower is to cool down hot water that rotates around heavy equipment to maintain their temperature. When the hot water is recycled into the tower inlet condenser pipe, it flows up from the condenser and exposed in the air. The hot water vaporizes and the cool water is reused back into the process to reduce the cost of water used. Medium cooling plants have up to 100 tons of refrigeration cooling capacity.

Types of Cooling Towers:

Most commonly, we have four types of cooling towers:

(i) Natural draft cooling tower–It works without a blower.

(ii) Forced draft cooling tower — There is a blower installed at the base of the tower that sucks up air into the cooling tower from below it.

(iii) Induced draft cooling tower — This type of tower has a fan placed on top of the cooling tower and sucks air into it.

(iv) Balanced cooling tower — These type of towers utilize either induced or forced blowers that primarily do the air cooling.

Cooling Towers manufacturer can be made of concrete, or galvanized steel. Expensive ones are made of stainless steel but for longlasting performance, an FRP tower may be used in small industries.

Types of Cooling Towers


  1. Cost of operation: The same water recycled in the condenser utilizes it efficiently by reducing the cost of recycled water.
  2. Customization: Cooling towers can be customized according to space and location as per user requirement. It does not need any extra space as it is easy to mount on the roof of a building.
  3. Conservation: By recycling the water within the tower itself, there is no emission of hot water into any water body that could endanger the ecosystem. Thus, it provides a helping hand to the environment.

Difference between Natural Draft and Forced Draft Cooling Towers

A. Natural Draft Cooling Tower:

It cools down hot water by natural air using free convection and the body is open on sides but occupies more space. The tower is less efficient although cheap and has to be installed where natural air is freely available and is used for less refrigeration requirements.

B. Forced Draft Cooling Tower

It cools the hot water by moving air using a blower but is less open on sides although it is compact and occupies less space. However, it is more efficient and costly too. The tower is installed at the roof of the building and required for large refrigeration purpose.

Cooling tower manufacturers also make FRP square cooling tower for different customers. An FRP square cooling tower has similar working like that of an FRP Cooling Tower made by Kooldrop but its design is different.