Patio Misting Systems- Frequently Answered Questions

Ever wonder why it is so cold in some coastal regions even when sun is blazing at its peak glory in the summer? It is due to fog which has a powerful “evaporative cooling” effect. This is the magic of nature which inspires human beings to manufacture a very similar technology which works along the same lines. Now you can make use of the very same cooling effect at your homes and cool any outdoor space by reducing temperature up to 35 degrees with the help of Patio Misting Systems. Outdoor cooling systems are able to bring a significant decline in temperature by pumping water through very fine nozzles at high pressure and atomizing for efficient evaporation.

With a wide variety of misting and fogging system available in the market, it can be tough to decide which one would be the best buy for your business or home. This decision can be made easier with the help of going through some of the most common FAQs which are posed by people so we can establish a clear understanding of how this whole process works. This article was composed with intention to curate the most frequently asked questions related to misting systems so that readers can gain useful information and choose the best fogging system to meet their requirements.

How Do Misting Systems Work?

A misting system functions with the help of a pressurized pump, misting lines, specialty nozzles and water. A misting system pump produces a high pressure of water which is released through very fine nozzles that create micro-droplets and fill the surrounding environment. The environment where a Patio Mister is installed will greatly help in determining the effect of the mist which is released into the air.

Is There A Difference Between A High-Pressure and A Low-Pressure Misting System?

The main difference between each is the way a misting pump is used in both these methods. High-pressure misting systems are used, for example, at theme parks and resorts where they create a thick layer of fog that helps in immediately cooling a surrounding area. This is without the feeling of wetness and stickiness because it is a dry fog. On the other hand, a low-pressure misting system uses an inferior pump (or no pump) which atomizes water at a much slower rate and produces bigger sized water droplets that do not evaporate as efficiently and may wet the surrounding area.

What Are The Advantages of Misting System?

The two main advantages of using good quality Patio Misting Systems are that of heat reduction and their ability to regulate dust and airborne particles. It is also able to control humidity levels in environment and cool the surrounding air considerably. Proper installation and maintenance can result in dropping outside temperature by as much as 35 degrees.

What Components Do I Need To Install A Misting system At Home or Business?

You will need four main components to ensure the proper installation of misting system. These four components are — misting lines made of stainless steel, high-quality specialty misting or fog nozzles, a misting system pump, and continuous water supply.

Final Thoughts

Good quality is the main difference between the cheap and effective fogging and misting systems which will create cooler atmospheres for long periods of time.

Enhancing Outdoor Environments With Cooling and Misting Systems

Enhancing Outdoor Environments With Cooling and Misting Systems