A note on Colin Kaepernick.

Keep standing or in this case sitting. Why? Because aside from having the right to protest the star spangled banner, America ( generalizing here) prides itself on freedom. Well, only when it’s convenient. See it’s not convenient to protest oppression during a presidential race or when you have a large platform because it brings too much attention. You get backlash not only from outside people, but also your peers. They’d rather you go along to get along and not rock the boat. I get it when you make it to a certain level people don’t want to endanger their livelihood. It becomes an issue of self- preservation at its finest. But, what would they have you do? Write an opinion piece, protest on your down time with a neat little sign? I recall from history, America’s dance with taking stances against the British. “ No taxation without equal representation,” and yet we see disproportionate representation and taxes well we’re all very familiar with that. The star spangled banner, the flag it is all symbolism. True these things have been adopted by many vets and Americans as the paragon of patriotism, and on another level as the ultimate sign of respect — or when tread upon an ultimate sign of disrespect. But, how disrespectful was slavery? Free labor that built the country. That was centuries ago right? How disrespectful was Jim Crow? The trail of tears? All the stories we don’t hear about? We still have a football team named “Redskins.” In my hometown we have streets and statues of confederate soldiers. We see curated stories of oppression in the media, but only the ones that deemed controversial enough. So yeah, it’s not all peachy. And when people say go find another country that just shows the deep rooted issue. This isn’t a take it or leave it conversation that’s happened for years which is why Colin is doing what he does. Everyone wants the same things out of life and that’s to be happy, to be respected, to be heard, to be accepted. The truth is that no matter how loud you yell all lives matter in America that is a fallacy. The lives that matter in America’s eyes are the ones who that have the most money, power and influence. Everything and everyone else is an asterisk. I admire Colin’s altruism, and having the balls to take a stance and get the conversation started in a real way, but before you cast anti American stones, look at the history of the song, America, and then yourself. If a song can move you so much to burn a jersey why can’t injustice move you the same way? Because the only emotions we feel are the ones closest to home. Don’t wait to become a victim before you want to stand against oppression.