I Look at Houses the Way Some Men Look at Cars
Caitlin Shetterly

What a personal story.
Looks like the American dream is a dream, after all, and what we have left is rude reality.

Things are not easy also on the other side of the ocean, from where I am commenting. My parents saved a lot in their days, so to give me (and my wife) a 1184,03 square foot apartment build in late ’60. This has permitted us to ask for a loan for restructuring putting a mortgage to our propriety that after 10 years we’re still paying, and we’ve got at least another 10 to put it at end.
We are saving and building it up step by step, like we dream everyday to do… something is done, but it has taken time and renunciations. No travels, few days out, no luxury clothes or extravaganza.

All I can say is: don’t stop chasing that dream, a place you can call my home, our homethe opportunity comes to those who wait … and it’s true. I wish you all the best!

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