Lets talk about sex

What’s at the pinnacle of Multi-Sensory Experiences?
Before I wanted to study this, I was first a consumer.
I love highs. I loved rollercoaster rides, I love alcohol, I love laughing out loud. (with the exception of drugs because you can’t and shouldn’t get any in the land of Singapore).

I’ve never written or talked deeply into this before, but I figured it’ll be a good time now.
*caution* explicit content

Take a look at world trends today and we know we are in a highly aesthetic world. But the end goal was never just about looking good. Our world reflects a hunger for sexual consumerism. Its nothing new- sex sells.

A friend from my previous polytechnic education mentioned about starting an interactive company selling sex toys. I swear, that idea stuck in my head since forever. Because I know it will definitely sell.

The question is why?
Can we go deep into this and rip apart why everyone just wants a fuck?
What is the human need and desire for this level of connectivity? Is it merely physical? If so, can drugs stimulate the same high as an orgasm?
Or maybe the orgasm isn’t the end goal. Its merely a mark of the end of that desire.

Maybe the person was the end goal.
Maybe love was the end goal.
Maybe the need to feel belonged was the end goal, being in someone else, or having someone else in you.

Maybe its seeing someone naked and beautiful
Maybe its smelling his or her hair
Maybe its the skin-on-skin warmth and touch
Maybe its the taste of his or her lips
Maybe its the sound of his or her voice

Many movies now have taken the “4d” kind of approach, where the use of mist sprays and fans come into play at certain scenes. However, sex is the ultimate 5d, 6d, 7d experience.
It has even been used as a spiritual ritual (http://paganwiccan.about.com/od/magicandspellwork/f/WhatIsRitualSex.htm) and has deep roots in experiencing god or a higher transcendence.

If sex is the in thing — then why study audio visual? why not study how to market it, mass produce it and make it an experience for anyone without the whole debate of dehumanising / objectifying men and women.

And taking all the negative connotation aside, can there exist another experience which engages all the human senses, add a spiritual element to it, and still remain positive and contribute to the well being of society?