Evolution of the MIND

We evolve from the mind!

I am my own companion; affiliated to my thoughts and hold my own view of how to create a working mind in people that, if harnessed to the fullest, will prompt development and progress in communities and nations. I am of the view that change begins in the mind.

An “unevolved” mind complains about everything, creates new problems and encourages the manifestation of doom on all. While the right application of the collective unconscious mind of all people is the most powerful force that promotes peace, progress, unity and organization of all.

Africa is peopled mainly by unevolved minds that need to be tamed. This is seen from the haphazard way of living, the unconducive atmosphere, the prevalence of sickness, poverty and lack of basic commodities and amenities, definitely not because Africa is poor in resources rather because the mind of its people have not attained a level of awareness where it can see the full reality of the world.

What I proposal is an exhaustive renewal of the mind achieved by exposing to the people the immense benefits of constructive thinking, purging the self of all forms of complains and deep commitment of thinking thoughts of higher self actualization. The route to achieve all these is closely linked to intensified reading in all spheres of life to glean from wisdom available in the Universe. By this means will transformation, unity and organization be achieved, and excellence in accomplishing our highest potentials attained.

I am responsible for making myself an agent for changing the way Africans think. The practices I engage in have transformed my thoughts and circumstances because I realized that my thoughts hold the key to whatever I am now. My primary responsibility is to bring this awareness, knowledge and understanding to young untamed mind, and carefully train my contemporaries on effective and mindful thinking.